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2015 PARK RUN!

2015 saw an incredible amount of hornets turn up week in week out as we met by our meeting point- the tree stump by the climbing wall, where you would always find Sarah Berlanga holding onto all of our Hornet hoodies and ready to cheer us on. Yet again Dave Harvey who has now ran close to 400 Parkruns the most from anyone at Hove Parkrun still leads the way. Since Parkrun has begun Dave has not been away for a weekend or any type of holiday, his poor wife Bernie knows to spend time with Mr Harvey she must take the attitude of participating to! Good work Dave- keep it up! Again there were so many PB’s week in week out that's it's tough to mention them all but I some runs that stood out for me was Lloyd McGregor flying round the course and first ever Hornet going under 18 minutes, Mr Crossley who a lot of us admire for his dedication also got under 18 minutes and is very confident of going under 17 minutes in 2016- wow! Bobby Searle was also our first ever female Hornet to get under 20 minutes and come First Lady. The Hornets also managed Parkrun back in March where we had an impressive 40 plus Hornet helpers marshalling and generally organising that days run, I remember Judy and Graeme having to stay behind putting the correct tags together in order at least an hour after the race had finished (someone elses turn to do that). It was great to manage Parkrun as you get to appreciate how much hard work and organisation goes into it, I must personally thank our very own Amanda Woodham for putting in the time for this fantastic community event.


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