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- Scott Crossley getting under 1:20 at Maidenhead

- Karen Weller winning most improved (smashing PBs at Parkrun)

- James Williams losing 2.5 stone and knocking 7 and a half minutes of his 2014 PB Parkrun

- Jake Fletcher, Mr Ultra Runner, completing a 38 mile cross country

- Rich Ashbee, Mr Ultra Hornet Runner, completing the Beachy Head in 4 hours and 50 minutes

- Gemma Shadbolt winning the Fe Man Triathlon Challenge back in August as well as knocking minutes off her half marathons

- Mel English going on a special hornet training camp and producing a 44 minutes 10k, a lifetime best

- Laura Lewis doing back to back Brighton and London 2015 marathons.

- Rachael Boxall coming First Lady home at Downland Dash

- The Eaton’s smashing the Brighton Marathon- Dave 3:40 and Tracy 4:30, much better than predicted

- Helen Wilkes making her debut at WSFRL event and going straight into the 10 point scoring

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