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All of you will be aware of the various recommendations, restrictions and guidelines currently in place to try and combat the outbreak of COVID19/coronavirus, sadly this also affects our running club.


As a club, our insurance is provided as part of our UK Athletics annual affiliation. UK Athletics have made a statement that all activities including running groups and member groups should be suspended, pending a review at the end of April - full statement below


Although the advice is to maintain health and fitness, which is more important than ever during this time, members will need to do this by their own arrangements and not through any club organised activities. Current government advice is that its safe to run solo, outside at a safe distance from other people.


Nevertheless, as a club, we will not be silenced. We want to continue to motivate each other where we can and keep our great supportive Hornet spirit alive. As such we are working hard in the background on alternatives and we will be posting details here as these are finalised.


During a time of great uncertainty please continue to support each other. Avoid panic buying, follow government and medical guidelines, practice self isolation and social distancing as required, but most of all, look out for each other, our families, friends and neighbours. Together we will get through this.

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